Dancers in Pink

Dancers in Pink, Edgar Degas, 1885

Degas was a grumpy artist. But he created loveliness. That’s the encouragement I need at the moment.


Kinkade and The Valley of Peace


The Valley of Peace, Thomas Kinkade

The main character of my short story “Master of Light” finds peace in Thomas Kinkade’s artwork. She even visits a Thomas Kinkade gallery at a local mall. I’ve been to one of those, too. I am impressed with Kinkade’s presentation of peace, majesty, and perfection. We need those artists who can reach into the canvas and pull out our loveliest ideals. For some reason, it makes it worse when someone has pulled out canvas after canvas (after canvas) of the same loveliness and then goes on to sell millions of prints of the same. Shouldn’t true beauty be a little harder to reproduce? Those are my thoughts. The main character of my story doesn’t quite agree with me.

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