In the Word

I am in many things, or at least I will be soon. I am in search of children’s books related to the different countries my homeschool co-op class will study. I am in a really good book about Charlotte Mason and the classical tradition called Consider This by Karen Glass (more about this on a future date). I am soon to be in my church’s ladies’ Bible study. I have a new Common Book where I will spend time writing down great quotes. The children and I have been drawing and writing in our new nature journals. And, of course, I am in our homeschool, reading lots of great literature to my kids. I am even in the children’s Sunday School as a teacher this year (a new adventure for me). My own personal reading has suffered this past week, but I still count that as a world I am in.

All these great things to be in, and I feel like I am not in the Word as much as I ought to be. However, looking at the list above, I realize that I am in worlds that put me in the Word. That counts. I’m sure it counts. I am going to be busy this fall, but some of my business involves studying and reflecting on the Bible. Not everyone can say that. I am thankful for the way God works that into my life.