A Flower in the Heart of the PaintingA Flower in the Heart of the Painting, a collection of short stories. Set almost exclusively in the rural heart of the Midwest, A Flower in the Heart of the Painting is populated by a cast of quiet characters whose land and interior lives are brought into full relief. Like Tolstoi and Cather, Krohn draws us into unassuming, ordinary dramas in order to reveal that, in spite of
our best efforts to live compartmentalized, comfortable lives loosened from the transcendent, everything is at stake.

For unique insights into the book, go to the Categories dropdown at the side of this blog, and choose “A Flower in the Heart of the Painting.” This will bring up the posts I wrote to promote my book.

A Flower in the Heart of the Painting is available for purchase via Amazon or Wiseblood Books!


“The Third Painting,” a short story about a young artist searching for the true meaning of her art and her relationship with an old friend, won first place in Short Fiction Writers Guild’s Romance Competition. This short story is included in A Flower in the Heart of the Painting.

“Master of Light,” a short story in my book, also appears in Relief: a Christian Literary Journal, Issue 7.2, where it was awarded the Editor’s Choice for Fiction.

Family HappinessIntroduction to Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy. I was given the great honor to write the introduction for a reprint of this classic novella by Tolstoy. Find it on Amazon and Wiseblood Books.




Flash fiction:
“Impressionistic Love,” Splickety Love vs. 1.3.
“The Art on the Walls,” Splickety Love, May 2016.
“Woodland Trap,” Splickety Love, August 2016.
“Lady and Lord,” Spark, February 2017.

Poems have been published in The Baltimore ReviewHummingbird, Kindred, Mason’s Road, Red Savina Review, SeemsThird Wednesday, and Time of Singing.


2 thoughts on “Publications

  1. bicebunch14 October 6, 2015 / 7:43 am

    It’s so good to see all you have had published now and the awards your works have received! Congratulations! 🙂

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