Being Reconciled

New Year’s blog posts written by thoughtful Christian moms are nice reading material. Some people choose a word to concentrate on during the year. Some people find larger meaning in small things that happen to them around the holidays. Some share their favorite books of the year. I wasn’t really planning on writing a New Year post this year, but I heard a great sermon this morning (best sermon of the year, so far!), and it got me thinking…

The minister asked if I was Reformed enough to believe that when God sees me, He really sees Christ. I am a good child of the Reformation because I understand total depravity (I am sinful since conception) (The T in TULIP). Why do I bounce back and forth between hope and despair? (And I do.) I should not separate myself from Christ. I am in Christ, and therefore the broken relationship between myself and God is restored, and it cannot be broken again.

In human reconciliation, the person who does the offense needs to bring about reconciliation to the offended. I honestly didn’t know that. And that’s important to me right now. But God does something different. He is the One offended against, but He offered up the means of reconciliation (Christ).

Once I am seeing myself in the light of Christ, I can look at everything and everyone through that different and new lens. I need to be a peacemaker as much as it is possible. There’s that word again: peacemaker. Not peacekeeper. I know from my counseling and Boundaries reading that being a peacemaker means hard things.

If I was going to pick a word for myself this year, I’d probably have to go with “peace.” It’s one of those big concepts: you want it but you’re not sure how to go about getting it. And God promises it. So you’re supposed to have it, and you probably do, somewhere. You just haven’t learned how to recognize it yet. Or you haven’t unwrapped it.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you find God’s peace, too.


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