A Nice Start to the Christmas Season

I really enjoyed the busy, crafty atmosphere of being home with the kids today. My girls have been doing painting and crafting all afternoon. I now have a Pinterest app on my phone, which makes it super convenient to look up random ideas like, “Crafts using Old Christmas Cards” and “Fun Christmas Crafts.” The girls made a Christmassy paper plate fairy house today, and they began a rather ambitious project of making a banner by cutting triangles out of old Christmas cards. They also each made an ornament by cutting a Christmas card picture to fit inside a jar lid and then wrapping yarn around the outside of the lid. Very pretty! I’m glad I saved all those old Christmas cards.

Yesterday we made some Christmas cookies (sugar cookies with colored sugar on top), which we will bring to church on Sunday. It’s our turn for lunch. I made pumpkin bread this afternoon, and the house smells yummy.

I did nearly all of my shopping Monday night (Cyber Monday!), and I’m happy to get that accomplished.

I don’t usually get excited about the Christmas holiday, and I wouldn’t call myself excited now. Maybe pleased, or mildly jolly. 🙂 I wish you all some unplanned, low-stress Christmassy days as well!


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