Taking Care

This is a note of encouragement to myself. I get tired, down, and confused. And then I find something new to cheer myself up: a new important Bible verse, a new favorite soulful hymn to play, a new topic to write about, a new chapter book to read to the kids, a new library book to read myself, a new thought, a new piece of hope, a new idea, a new way to look at an old problem.

I’ll be the same person, but that doesn’t mean I have to think the same thoughts. And even if I do get stuck thinking those thoughts again (because I know me, and I know I will), I also know I’ll pull through. Something will come up again.

Forget about trust. Trust God. He already loves me and always will. Forget about everyone else who has a more perfect life. Think of the things that make my life new and livable everyday.

It’s not selfish and bad to turn my thoughts inward so that I can have a better outward look. Right? Right. I’m taking care.

I won’t remember this note to myself all the time. Probably I won’t remember it most of the time. But at least I have it written down now.


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