A List of Things That Went Well

Because it’s good to remember that things do go well…

  • My Sunday afternoon walk with my son. It’s not often we do something just the two of us, and the girls were both willing to be left at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. On our walk we talked about lots of things, from toads to rivers to Tolkien.
  • Calico Captive. A new chapter book is always a bit of a risk, especially if I haven’t read it before. This one is exciting! We are enjoying it. Excellent way to learn about the French and Indian War.
  • Dinner. Sometimes I really stress out about how to please everyone. We don’t like the same foods. Today Dean had a bowl of leftover casserole and a sandwich-spread sandwich (not sure what else to call that). Eddie had a whole pile of leftover mashed potatoes doused in applesauce. The girls and I ate cheesy bread (bread, butter and parmesan cheese toasted under the broiler), reheated roast beef, carrot sticks, and apple slices. Sounds like a lot, looks like a lot on the table, but it was really just right. No leftovers except a little beef and carrots.
  • The Sassafras Twins Zoology book. A new science curriculum I bought a few weeks ago. Very fun! A storybook of zoology with workbooks to fill in as we go. The writing gets to be stressful for the youngest one, so then I go ahead and write what she dictates.
  • Spelling for the middle girl. All of a sudden she’s spelling words correctly. How did that happen?
  • Long division for my son. He hated it until he got to the pages of word problems. Go figure. He likes word problems.
  • Reading improvement on all levels. Very noticeable improvement in out-loud reading for all three children. Now if I could only get the middle one to read to anyone except myself…
  • Not drinking Mt. Dew. I’m doing well on that one. I crave it, but not to the extent that I’m making excuses to go grocery shopping. I do eat more, though. Pretzels just disappear.
  • My devotion book which involves reading from four different places in the Bible each day, a short devotional, and a prayer in which I can insert names of family members. That’s going well. The prayers are especially valuable as I don’t normally think the same things that are written. It’s nice to pray a different, challenging sort of prayer.
  • Homeschool co-op. It has only just begun, but so far, so good.
  • Ideas for myself. I’m not going to say my own stability has gone well, but I do occasionally have ideas that seem like winners. This post, for example. I may start that painting that I promised myself this year; I went so far as to clean off the painting table. Now that I have WiFi in the house, I can more easily use my Kindle ereader, which may just inspire me to exercise (and read) on the treadmill more often. I notice if I’m alone and not stressed out by people talking loudly and arguing and talking nonsense and requiring correction, I can coax myself into doing something positive. I can’t avoid the above problems in my family, though. So I wonder how to best deal with that. It’s good that I notice these things now. I will not notice them later.

The conclusion: most of the things that went well are about school. Yay! School is going well. In fact, the only part of school that does not seem to be going well is geography for the girls. I’m not crazy about the book I bought last summer, but my son does use it and enjoys it. With the girls I have resorted to sneaking geography into their Five in a Row curriculum.

The other conclusion: There are big black areas in my life that have to do with relationships and home life. I’m tempted to ignore them right now. They’ll be there, though. Here’s hoping I can cope better than I have been.


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