Quick Insight

I don’t want to lose this flash of insight, and it could possibly come in handy for someone else, too.

When a person in your family is so stressed-out that he falls asleep on the job, comes home late all haggard-looking, and complains about the weight of something even though he’s one of the strongest people you know, then that stress can leak out to the rest of the family. I’m not immune to what he’s going through. I can’t really physically help him much, so it probably is more mental stress for me. Helplessness. Wanting things to change. Stuff like that. The kids aren’t immune to it either, even though we’d like them to be. I’m not sure how it affects them, but it probably is doing something.

I don’t have a point. I’ve heard the saying, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” and I never really liked that. I believe it’s not just Mama. It could be any of us.


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