Writing Therapy

I’m really dragging this morning, so I’m going to try a little writing therapy before tackling school. I suppose I could start laundry, but really I ought to wait until Dean comes home because it’s the day for his laundry, and he’ll have more dirty clothes when he comes home. I could clean because the house is a mess, but honestly, what else do the kids have to do except play and make a mess? And who cares, anyway? No one is coming over. So I’ll write.

Writing articles for pay on BlogMutt has been nice. I don’t earn too much, but everything I do earn is profit. Nothing Dean earns is profit. (He tells me not to worry about that, but yet he keeps reminding me of it.)

I learn a lot while researching for those articles. I know about burning scalp syndrome, benefits of having vinyl flooring when you have pets, teachers who practice self-care methods, bionic prostheses (that was my favorite article so far!), and reasons for businesses to hire a snow removal company. Sometimes I learn new trends… did you know there’s a trend called “family management?” Parents are parenting as if the family is a business. This raises the importance of family life to equal (or above) the importance of work. In fact, it’s a synthesis of all aspects of life… looking at everything you do together, maximizing quality time, making sure all members of the family are contributing and being treated fairly. I’m veering toward jealousy here. Maybe it’s just being wishful.

I love to learn, but I often think it would be better for me in this house if I remained dumb. Maybe I would be cleaning the house instead of writing.

I think I should start school now. I was hoping, through this process, I would come up with some brilliant plan for the day. Something new and exciting to take us away from our doldrums. Maybe we’ll go to the library later. Bleh. I like the library, but that doesn’t sound fun. Even the Olympics are getting old. We have to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to watch them because our TV antenna is broken, and then the kids are difficult when I decide it’s time to go home… (Mom can go home and get our pajamas and toothbrushes and stuff… we’ll stay here…why can’t we have a sleepover?… Because you have one sleepover, and that’s in summer… And then Eddie sits on me.)

I really should start school now. I don’t feel better, but I think I loosened my brain up a bit.


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