When God is obviously there

We know God is everywhere all the time. But He doesn’t have a face we see when we turn around. We don’t hear His voice greeting us in the morning. Sometimes it feels like He’s nowhere near.

And sometimes He reminds us He’s been listening and watching and holding our hand all the time. I had some serious spiritual doubts, and I countered them by writing and finding Bible verses that I thought supported my faith.  But I still felt pressured by other people. Last night I opened my devotional to the correct date (I don’t always go to the correct date) and was directly reassured. My doubts were immediately put to rest. The devotion spoke exactly and encouragingly about the very thing I was doubting.

This morning I went to the devotional book again (Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon, ed. by Alistair Begg), thinking it would be really weird if the devotional would be just as applicable as last nights’. But it was! It was about waiting in the Lord. I’m always thinking, “I don’t know what to do” when I’m up against my thoughts. The next thing to do is wait. Pray and wait. God might make me wait till I get to heaven. But that’s a good way to think–forward to heaven, where the One who cares most about me already has the perfect home for me. Wait for it, Amy. Wait for it.


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