Taking the Long View

I have finished reading the book Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie (2015). My last three posts have been about it. There are many good, practical details in this book about simplifying curriculum and using a loop schedule and how to do Morning Time. I’m going to skip those and quote from the extremely encouraging end of the book (pages 69-70):

You do not need to have a ‘productive’ homeschool day to please the Savior. You do not need to have a clean house to please the Savior. You do not even need to have well-behaved kids to please Him. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if you hit every math problem, get through an entire spelling lesson, or whether your child loves learning the way you want him to. You are cultivating your child like a tree, and trees will bear fruit in time. We are taking the long view. Consistency over time goes a long way toward tending our orchard. Faithfully tending to your work each day is what success looks like for the homeschooling mother.

It is true that I am sometimes confused as to what “faithfully tending to your work each day” means in my life. I sometimes think I’m missing the mark, concentrating on the wrong things. But that’s when I get anxious (and thus not at rest). I think I would add, for my own sake, that I do not need to fill in all the blanks in the family that aren’t getting filled. God is more pleased with one content, faithful heart in a dysfunctional family than a perfectly functional family full of anxious hearts.

I end this mini-series by quoting St. Jerome, whom Mrs. Mackenzie also quoted on page 70, “It is our part to offer what we can, his to finish what we cannot.”


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