Ways We Say Goodbye to Summer Vacation

My 8 year-old daughter informed me that we should definitely not have a celebration for the beginning of our school year next Monday. She thinks school is not something to be celebrated. We are beginning early because my 9 year-old son already started on his own. (Hint, hint, Mom.) So this is the last official week of summer vacation. My daughter would approve of celebrating that!

Here’s some of the things we have done or plan to do to bid the summer break goodbye:

Play in the new splash pad in Ripon, WI (even though the water is freezing cold and the day was not real warm).

Sunday School picnic and swim-time at the pool.

Watch a Peanuts movie.

Read The BFG out loud (by Roald Dahl). Watch out for those whizzpoppers!

Go to Ledge View Nature Center in Chilton, WI, where I never got around to going last summer. We walked the Fun Trail, climbed the observatory tower, visited the Red-Tailed Hawk in his cage, fixed a large-scale nature puzzle, stuck our fingers in the mouth of the black bear (stuffed and hanging on the wall), tried to make me look at the tarantula (not stuffed), admired the Chelsea Barbie doll who is snowshoeing in the winter display box, and scared each other in the dark and spooky bat room.

Drink another root beer float (beverage of the season).

Soak two fully-clothed sisters with the garden hose.

And maybe we’ll have another picnic at Brandon Park (the closest and best park) for supper, roll down the grassy hill, pretend the play structure is a spaceship, sit on top of the hill to watch the train go by, decide to leave then, and sit on Main Street for twenty minutes in the car because the train is blocking the way.

Because we have all the flexibility of homeschooling, we can do most of these things even during school, but still… it’s nice to see the kids and I have not spent the entire vacation doing nothing.


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