School All Day Long

Sometimes I think I don’t do enough school in my homeschool. Those are the days when we’ve done all the subjects we need to do in two hours or so. I shouldn’t worry, though. It all evens out. There come days when we do schoolwork all day long. Today, for instance, we began with our normal schedule of schoolwork. I planned on staying home all day, so I decided to work on a fun project we had prepped for a couple weeks ago. This project involved cutting apart paper bags and taping them into large sheets of paper, then tracing my kids on the paper, then cutting out the outlines. Then came the fun/educational part for the kids. They cut out the various words and phrases and sentences they dictated to me a couple weeks ago (things about themselves) and glued them all over their paper bag bodies. Then we hung them up on the walls. Then we read some more of Little Town on the Prairie (We love Almanzo! We love to hate Nellie Oleson!). At some point I had to make supper and feed the calves and cats. We looked at the clouds outside (cirrus, we think) for our new science unit study about clouds. Afterward we came back to the book and the body art. They read the words and acted out the different things (silly! wild! wiggly! sensitive… how do I act sensitive? My son says, “Easy, I’ll punch you and you’ll be sensitive to it.”) We did normal getting-ready-for-bed things. They were still interacting with their fun school project. But then they got too wild and silly and wiggly and I had to put them to bed. But hey! It was a good day.


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