Living in the Present with Children

Probably all mothers of young children hear this saying: “Enjoy them while you can. They grow up so quickly.”

I’m here to remind myself that I am enjoying them. I am living with them. I take care of them. I don’t cart them off to daycare to let someone else be with them most of the day. I don’t even bus them off to school. I teach them myself! We have lots of cuddle time on the couch as I read countless pages of books to them. We have good times all year round.

I am living in the present with my children, day by day, moment by moment. We live in phases, and this is the phase for enjoying the children at home. In some other, future phase I suppose I’ll be enjoying some extra time to myself.

Perhaps those older people hinting that I’m not doing enough to enjoy my children are actually being wistful. They wish they could relive a past phase. Perhaps they should enjoy their present time, a time to sit back and reflect. It’s not too easy to reflect in the middle of a busy homeschooling day:) All these phases of our lives have good aspects and bad ones.

As I end this post, I am reminded of a spiritual truth: God only gives us the grace to get through the things that actually happen. He gives us grace for each moment of our lives as they unfold. An alternate life in my imagination is not something God gives grace to live. That’s a good reminder for me to be present and be mindful of what God has actually blessed me with.


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