Through the Calm and Frosty Air

Through the Calm and Frosty Air by Joseph Farquharson, 1908
Through the Calm and Frosty Air by Joseph Farquharson, 1908

Here’s a beautiful painting by a Scottish artist I never heard of before. I don’t have sheep, but I do have outdoor cats, and I enjoy walking out to the shed to feed them, especially when the snow is powdery and the air is clear. The sounds of the calves huffing in the nearby pen and the distant snowplow on the road are so completely different and welcome from the sounds of my children fussing and the sounds of myself scolding them. Sometimes I envy my husband for having an outdoor, solitary sort of life. Except that he gets lonely. I wouldn’t. God knows best, of course, but it often seems like we get the wrong jobs. Or too much of the right ones. Maybe the shepherd in this painting doesn’t want to walk quite so far. But from the right perspective, his life is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Through the Calm and Frosty Air”

  1. Sometimes I think we focus on personal interests too much. Sometimes I think we use our individual talents(or lack thereof) as an excuse for not doing more difficult but necessary things. Maybe God grows us by taking us out of our comfort zones. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous painting. I love the light and quietude it exudes.

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