Being Holy

With the first Bible study of the season coming up, I decided to reread some of the book we’re using, which is written by Nancy Guthrie. It tells about seeing Jesus in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Looking at the chapter about Leviticus (a rather boring book in the Bible) I realized how much I don’t even want to be holy. The Israelites in the Old Testament had their entire life structured for them so they could realize the importance of being clean and holy.

But my life in the New Covenant? I try to get away with the least amount of holiness. It’s as if holiness is a chore I want to get through with as quickly as possible. Church services: go there and get back home quickly. Prayer: short or my mind will wander. Bible reading: just a little so I can get back to reading A Portrait of a Lady. Teaching Biblical ways to my children: oh, well, I barely know how to do that; leave that to the Holy Spirit and the Sunday School teacher’s manual.

I’m reminded of the hymn “Take Time to Be Holy.” I really do need to take time to practice holiness. Or else I spend my time practicing selfishness. Or worldliness. It is so difficult to get priorities straight. I hope the upcoming Bible study season will help me along with these struggles, but ultimately, I know I have to ask for spiritual help from God, who can lift me up much more effectively than I can lift myself up.


One thought on “Being Holy”

  1. I like your honesty and genuineness in this post. Holiness sounds daunting. But I think if we see I through God’s eyes it may be different. The book of Leviticus is largely about priests, but it is also about the holiness in mundane, daily things- washing hands, dietary laws, special days, illness, etc. this is where we live, the every day. And I think this is where we might a more appealing definition of holiness- setting even the mundane things apart for God- our conversations with friends, caring for our children, yes, even cleaning. Because we belong to Him.

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