Heartland is a beautiful new book of poetry, published by Anchor & Plume, written by LeighAnna Schesser, who lives in Kansas with her husband and young children. I love the depth of the imagery and the integrity of the author. Below are some lovely bits and pieces from her poems:

Of little wooden bridges, missing slats, tiptoeing across tiny rivers, and anthills, dusty and eroded in a drought, of dried-out footprints.

— from “Urgency”

The kind of afternoon that calls for old book pages;/ not for reading, for smelling, for feeling slightly raised/ print–for inexplicably desiring the prick and scratch/ of skittering down the scattering sides of haystacks.

— from “Memento Mori”

The river deepened and tickled the stones, and we hungered/ for the flavor of chilling air. Savor September, he told me./ The month of yellow may never come again.

— from my favorite poem in the book, “A Sip of September is Yellow”

Rosewater light at sunset moistens a sea of wheat./ Love makes us transparent, sky-weathered–

— from “On the Westward Expanse”

LeighAnna Schesser blogs here: http://leighannaschesser.wordpress.com/




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