Psalm 23

Normally Psalm 23 is easy to read, just a trip down memory lane. It contains all those pleasant images: green pastures, still waters. It reminds you how death isn’t so final or lonely. In fact, your life is forever and God provides everything you could possibly need and more.

But I read it today. And it wasn’t easy. More like uneasy. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life? Well, they might be right behind me, but they’ve taken on some disguise. I will fear no evil? Ha. And comfort? It’s not here right now.

I wonder what kind of day David was having when he wrote this psalm. Was he trying to convince himself of these things? Or did he sincerely know them to be true, and they really were a comfort?

I can say that I know this psalm to be true every day, but there are days it doesn’t seem to apply one bit. It should comfort me to know that it is true anyway. And so then I’m like a robot, muttering verses that are incongruous to me. (Still waters wouldn’t do robots much good.)

But there will be a day (I know this from past experience) when I’ll realize I have a soul after all and stop looking through these robot eyes. And then things will look brighter and make more sense. I hope.


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