Between Light and Half Light

Between Light and Half Light, Chris Natrop, 2016
Between Light and Half Light, Chris Natrop, 2016

I took the kids to a small art exhibit in Fond du Lac, WI today. Mostly, I needed to get out of the house. Out of the house and into the intricate, fragile world of hanging knife-cut paper art. The artist, Chris Natrop, is originally from Wisconsin and now works from LA. The picture above gives some idea of what it looks like, but when you’re walking around in it, you get the feeling of ponds and jungles, fairy worlds, webs. My youngest daughter thought one part was about outer space. I kept circling and moving in and out of the hanging installations. The children were very good about not touching. It did look very fragile. And as the title suggests, there is a feeling of halfness. We were there during daylight, which faded the white more into the light, and I think made the strings and hanging apparatus more visible. Half magic, half complicated artwork. Half effortless imagination, half painstaking construction. Half paper hanging in a room, half other world suspended in a Saturday. We were there only a few minutes, but it was enough to lift our day out of what it had been.


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