Watership Down

At the top of the bank, close to the wild cherry where the blackbird sang, was a little group of holes almost hidden by brambles. In the green half-light, at the mouth of one of these holes, two rabbits were sitting together side by side. At length, the larger of the two came out, slipped along the bank under cover of the brambles and so down into the ditch and up into the field. A few moments later the other followed.

— from Watership Down by Richard Adams (1972)

The two rabbits are Hazel and Fiver, and their story is full of suspense and adventure. If you think this is just some weird rabbit story, you’re wrong. This is a rabbit story, but the characters of the rabbits are so carefully developed and put into action one against another (it gets tight in a rabbit hole, sometimes) that it becomes a story you don’t want to put down. The rabbit world is full of danger and excitement. The rabbits fear their predators. They get jumpy. Most of all, they want to be safe and live in comfort together with their friends and family. From finding a new warren to fighting a militant rabbit leader to befriending a sea gull, this story has it all. I am also impressed that each chapter begins with a quote from some other piece of literature. It adds more depth and importance to the story. I am truly sad that I finished reading this book.


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