Sermons about the Trinity

If there is one theological concept that has been pounded into my head over and over, it’s the Trinity–one God in three persons. So when last Sunday’s sermon was about the Triune God, I wasn’t exactly groaning, but I was not expecting to learn something new.

And then we got to point three: Scripture and Experience, at which the minister said something about some people not liking Christianity to be so abstract. I realized I do like it to be abstract. Talk to me about the relationship between the truths of the Trinity and my Christian experiences, and I have to take a deep breath. I could hardly take notes because it’s not really something you take notes on (and I like taking notes).

I don’t have much to report about the sermon itself. I’m just saying there are profound, breath-taking ways of looking at normal Christian topics. We’re never finished learning about God.


2 thoughts on “Sermons about the Trinity”

  1. An important point. As soon as we attempt to find a trite metaphor to explain the Trinity, we lose much of the point. God reaches down for us, but we are far from comprehending him in full.

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