Justification for buying lots of books

I recently attended a book workshop by Jan Bloom, who goes around the country with her husband and a trailer and rescues books. She buys good books from thrift stores and such places and resells them at workshops and homeschool conventions. Jan is a funny lady and very knowledgeable about reading, authors, and (of course) books. I loved hearing her talk, but most of all, I loved her selection of books. She only sells books that she loves herself, so her boxes were full of wonderful stories that have passed her test of being good, quality literature for children and adults. I went home with a box of books myself. I did confess the cost of the box of books to my husband, although all the way home I planned not to reveal that number unless asked directly.

Here are some things I learned from Jan to justify buying lots of books:

  • A living book takes its home in your life.
  • Petting and loving books is a great thing.
  • If your kids suddenly want to know more about something, it’s best to have the appropriate book on your own bookshelf. By the time you get it from the library, the interest might be gone.
  • Not everyone will learn the same things from the same books. Therefore, don’t make your children read the exact same books on your homeschool curriculum. Have available many books about certain topics. Allow children to explore different books. Learning is about principles, not particulars.
  • Bookshelves can be easy to make. (While Jan was speaking, her husband taught the dads at the workshop how to build bookshelves.)

Already, I feel like I should have bought more books from Jan!


9 thoughts on “Justification for buying lots of books”

  1. Hello Amy, This is a very interesting post. I am passing some days with my family in Sao Paulo and, for the love of enriching literature, I bought some interesting books by Amos Oz, not available yet in English. I am reading Judas, which will be mentioned in one of my future posts. Thank you and happy readings!

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