they see everywhere and all the time

We elders are never safe. A child’s eyes are ubiquitous. They see everywhere and all the time, but it is only at some small crisis in his life that the child’s knowledge takes shape even in thought.

— from Formation of Character by Charlotte Mason

Another Charlotte Mason book study, another day more impressed with the personhood of children. To really think about your own children as individual people is to come upon this immense responsibility. Children are a loan, entrusted to us, their parents. We are not their creators, nor do we have the ability to control their minds. They see me all the time. They see everything around them. They think. They experience. They live. And the Holy Spirit works in their hearts, turning a bad experience to their own good, or vice versa. These are things I don’t have control over. Who knows how my child is going to interpret my tone of voice, the expression on my face, my movements as I cook dinner? Those eyes take it all in, and I can only pray that God will work good things in their hearts, and that He will use me to teach them truth and not lies.


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