Wild Swans

It took much perseverance, but I finally made it through Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang (1991). It’s a good book, but I often felt horrified, angry, and in despair while reading it, which made it a difficult book to keep picking up. I don’t even want to write a quote from it. Nonetheless, I am glad to know about Communist China. This book begins with the life of the author’s grandmother, continues to the life of her mother, and then goes into her own life. Three very different women, but the lives reveal the different ways the Chinese people had to adjust to their government. I can’t go into details here. I am now more grateful for the freedoms and liberties we have in democratic, capitalist United States. I may not like my leaders, but at least I have the freedom to not like them. I do not have to live in fear just because I think thoughts my government forbids. Government should never be that big and invasive in people’s lives.


2 thoughts on “Wild Swans”

  1. I have just read a review in a New York Times of 1991. It seems that the book requires much courage from the reader. Our “Land of the Free” needs to be passed from generation to generation. It cannot be taken for granted. Thank you!

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