The Gentleness of Charlotte Mason

Last night I met with a group of homeschool mothers who shared some of what they learned at a recent Charlotte Mason national conference. Without writing two-and-a-half hours worth of encouragement and wisdom, I’d like to share some general ideas that kept coming back.

— Respect the person. Each person is different. Persons are more important than things.
— Nature study is key. During it we recognize the awe and wonder of God. God gave us nature as a place to go for peace and relaxation. We develop a habit of attention. Nature study changes attitudes of disengaged students.
— Atmosphere of the home is an important part of education. The atmosphere emanates from me. I need to model peace. Keep cutting back on things until there is peace in the home.
— Education is a life. I am not the supreme educator. Trust the Holy Spirit to work in my children. I am the children’s mother before I am their teacher.

I hope this short list of ideas resonates with you. It helps me to be less apprehensive about the coming school year, to set my priorities, and it also encourages me to go ahead and plan things, always knowing my plans will be bent out of shape in a lovely, living way.


4 thoughts on “The Gentleness of Charlotte Mason”

  1. Thank you for this synopsis. Even in their brevity, these are powerful words. I just finished reading (and highlighting half of) Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s For the Children’s a Sake, which is a re telling of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and emphases. We are not strictly following her educational philosophy but are definitely heavily influenced by it.

    1. I have heard a lot about For the Children’s Sake, and I probably will eventually read it. The past few years I’ve been going slowly through CM’s volumes with the book study ladies. She has so many good things to say about education and life in general.

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