Summer vacation, the first weeks

I set out to have a simple vacation, stepping way back from my teacher-mom persona, letting the kids be creative with how they spend their time. I busied myself with house-cleaning. The children busied themselves with being annoyed by each other. Honestly, you’d think if someone annoyed them, they’d just leave the room and find something else to do. But no, they seem to think they all have to be doing the same thing all the time. But the problem is they can’t ever agree on anything! So that’s where my summer vacation is at right now. We’re all driving each other nuts.

I am seriously considering a few weeks of school during the summer. Then we could take off a few more weeks around Christmas. But I don’t know. I shouldn’t give up on summer yet. We have some structured things on the calendar: some library events, swimming lessons. We have a family pass at the pool. At home I could step in more often, enforce quiet times with each child in a separate room. Hopefully my son’s seasonal allergies will lessen soon and we can get out on some nature trails.

And we have the American Girl books. Which we can’t get enough of. Kaya is my favorite so far. She is also my son’s favorite. Felicity is my middle daughter’s favorite, but Kirsten comes in a close second. I’m not sure about my youngest daughter. I think she liked Marie-Grace, but she fell asleep during the last half of that book. Right now we’re reading about Saige from New Mexico. She seems to be a contemporary American girl. She has a cool Grandma who paints. I might try a painting this summer. If I don’t go crazy first. How do moms who dislike confrontation make it through their children’s childhood? I suppose we take a lot of deep breaths, and we learn not to envision whole summers at a time. One hour at a time. Get through one more hour, and then maybe we can read a book together again…


2 thoughts on “Summer vacation, the first weeks”

  1. You know that I can relate 🙂 My boys are the same way- always wanting to be near each other (and me) even though they can’t seem to get along. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

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