Great Big God

I’ve been a reading a book about Isaiah 40 written by Rev. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It’s called The All-Sufficient God. I’m not sure what attracted me to this book. I like Isaiah. And I liked the devotional I read by the same author. Whatever the reason I chose it, I am now learning how big God is. And great. And mighty. And also tender. It seems that the mightiness and the tenderness go hand-in-hand.

I tend to think about life from my own feminine (not feminist) viewpoint, but reading this book is forcing me out of that feminine way of thinking. God doesn’t need females. God doesn’t need anyone or anything. He is all-sufficient. I am not. I am not mighty. I do not satisfy my own existence. I am small.

I am learning that to think about God, I must not think in terms of humans. I could be tempted to think He is both male and female (mighty and tender), but that’s wrong. God is above those gender labels. God is God. Reading Isaiah 40 is starting to feel like reading a book about something foreign. At times, I feel like God is distant, but then we see how God cares for His people. He is near. To think about God in terms of distance might be wrong, too. God is above our human measurements. He is. Period. He is not over here or over there. He just is.

This is where awe comes from. I am very small. God is very great. And yet God knows all about me, and He loves me. It is soul-breaking to realize how often I don’t consider God during the day.


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