Report on my April 2015 Poetry Challenge

April is over again. I’m a little sad. I feel like I was just getting into a good vein of writing. I know I can keep writing, but it won’t be the same without the pressure of the writing challenge.

My poems need a lot of revising, with perhaps the exception of the haiku. I worked at them pretty carefully. The poem I most want to work on: Old Metal. I need more imagery of the old machinery in the weeds.

I thought a lot about silence this month: the virtue of silence, what silence is, what it is like, whether I enjoy silence or not (I do). Some poems that touch on that topic include Loud Nights, Where do I want to go right now?, Silence Is, Carnation, and Another Haiku.

I noticed I usually wrote about something I’d been thinking about that day, or something that occurred, but most of it was personal, introspective. In the words of one of my poems, “I sit at the kitchen table, writing,/making sense of the world as I see it.” (from Saturday, April 25, 2015, 7:15 pm). In all honesty, most of my writing was at the computer, but I did begin some of my poems on scratch paper at the kitchen table.

I think, if I ever write an autobiography or memoirs, it will be a book of poems. They suit the purpose. I can be honest with poems, and I can write them just for the beauty of the moment or the thought or idea, no matter how insignificant it was.

That’s it. I will keep working (silently) on my poems. I’ll let you know (publicly) if anything important happens to them. Thanks for reading!


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