God’s Wisdom and Foreknowledge

In the last two meetings of my ladies’ Bible study, we learned about God’s wisdom in the book of Proverbs. Last Sunday, in adult Sunday School we learned about God’s foreknowledge. I was surprised to find out that the definitions of God’s wisdom and God’s foreknowledge are nearly the same. God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ, and true wisdom for His people is knowing Jesus Christ. God’s foreknowledge is God’s plan to save His covenant-people. Wisdom and foreknowledge are both about relationships! I would not have come up with that answer on my own. I would have said they were about WHAT you know, not WHO you know.

So, to say it another way, a wise person knows Christ, and this is an intimate “know.” A wise person has the mind of Christ. Ideally, that’s an even closer relationship than husband/wife.

And foreknowledge is what God knows about our relationship with Him, which is everything. He chose us to be part of His covenant. He chose to love us. He chose to save us. He chose to save us through Jesus Christ. He chose to bring us to Himself in all eternity. (Time is different in heaven; He already knows what it’s like to have me there.)

So can a truly wise person see into the future? Sort of. A truly wise person already knows the ultimates in life through the eye of his soul (i.e., faith), even if he can’t see the specifics of the future through his physical eyes. I suppose a truly wise person wouldn’t need/want to see the specifics of the future in this world. He is already living more in the higher reality of the Kingdom of God.

It puts things in perspective to realize that God’s plan has already been accomplished in that higher reality. We live day-to-day in this world, and it gets to be pretty important to us, but the important things are happening outside of our earthly knowledge.


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