Goldwing Moth

A goldwing moth is between the scissors
and the ink bottle on the desk.
Last night it flew hundreds of circles
around a glass bulb and a flame wire.
The wings are a soft gold;
It is the gold of illuminated initials
in manuscripts of the medieval monks.

— by Carl Sandburg, Wind Song (1960)

I love the movement from moth to monks. This poem brings two things together which I have had on my mind in the past few months: nature study and medieval times. To think that the one can lead to the other and join forces in a simple, beautiful poem is exactly my idea of education. Every idea strikes another, and every part of this world belongs with the others.


2 thoughts on “Goldwing Moth”

  1. Well said. I absolutely agree and try to help my students see things this way as well, even going so far as to teach them that writing is like solving a problem in math: understand the question, underline the parameters, and show every bit of your work.

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