Christmas Lights

The kids and I have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this week. We went caroling, practiced our lines for the upcoming Christmas program, put up a tree, decorated it, made some glittery salt-dough ornaments, and made small felt Christmas trees decorated with sequins and miniature pom-poms. I even bought all the ingredients to make fruitcake for my husband (and there are a gazillion ingredients!). And then my Christmassy children decide to play Ben Franklin and experiment with the lights on the tree. All three rush through the kitchen to the coat room, giggling. They return each wearing one glove. I ask what is going on and get told, “Nothing. It’s not important. Really.” More giggles. They run back into the family room where the tree is. I follow, of course. I find them twisting the colored lightbulbs off the wire (the gloves were necessary because they thought the bulbs were hot). The bulbs are not meant to be twisted, and they cannot be put back into their sockets. Now half the strand no longer works. I am not happy because that means we have to go shopping the next day for Christmas lights. All the ornaments are on the tree already, making it really difficult to re-light the tree. Well, anyway, I wasn’t too happy with the children. For awhile. I did recover.

The moral of the story: Our Christmas season is full of different things, and not everything will be bright and shiny. But it’s not important because Christmas isn’t about me, after all. It’s about Christ, who is in control of all things, even mischievous children.

I’ll try to remember that.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Lights”

  1. I’m sort of impressed- this is something my kids have never thought to do 🙂 I get upset frequently with my children when they do things like this- anything really that makes messes, breaks something, etc. But I also try to see it from their perspective- they’re never trying to make me mad, they’re still learning and making mistakes and they don’t always see the consequences of their actions very well. I am not as patient as I’d like to be, but I know that when they’re grown up none of this stuff matters at all- it’s like childbirth that way. You only remember how sweet they were.

    1. It is true that they believed they could twist the lights back in and fix everything. It’s already becoming kind of cute… now that the new lights are up and the tree is shining again.

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