Sarah Morrell Quilt

Sarah Morrell Quilt, 1840s
Sarah Morrell Quilt, 1840s

Thanksgiving makes me think of folk art, and this particular Thanksgiving is good for quilts (it’s a white Thanksgiving here in Wisconsin!). Here is an old American quilt attributed to Sarah Morrell. This sampler album quilt contains blocks signed by 58 people who lived in the Delaware River area. Some blocks are dated 1842 and 1843. The quilt is now in the Museum of American Folk Art in New York.

My grandma made quilts, not as fancy as this one, but I am thankful for them on cold nights. They keep my kids warm. A friend of mine also made a special baby-sized quilt for each of my children when they were born. Those are still used as well.

This is making my think of a really good story called “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker (1973). 🙂 I am very much on the side of the daughter who puts her quilts to everyday use. In fact, I have an antique love seat in my bedroom which my husband told me not to sit in. So I use it as a bench to hold pajamas. I distinctly remember his reaction when he first saw where I put it. “Oh… okay.” Happy Thanksgiving!


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