Preparing for Heaven

I follow a blog called Samuel at Gilgal. The blogger posts short quotes from great Reformationists. Today’s post was entitled Preparing for Heaven, taken from something written by J.C. Ryle. He says we must be holy, heavenly-minded, on earth in order to be prepared for the glories of heaven. I wonder, then, what I have done today to be holy. There is the obvious answer: I read from my Bible. I prayed. Tonight, I sang some hymnbook songs at the piano after the kids were in bed (hoping the ones not sleeping would find it lullaby-like). I finished with the song “Take Time To Be Holy,” so you can see the issue is important to me right now.

A not-so-obvious answer: I fulfilled my earthly tasks of mothering and wifing (spell check should consider adding that word), and I don’t think I did it with a complaining heart.

I can see if I write more I will start sounding proud and self-righteous, so I’ll stop. What I’m really wondering now… how could I be more holy throughout the day? I think the key is to stop forgetting God. It sounds terrible, but I do forget. I go about living and try to conquer life by myself. To be more holy I need to stop and pray. The ongoing-conversation-with-God-in-my-head type of praying. I think if I could remember God more, I could remember to pray for peace when I’m upset, wisdom when I’m at a loss, love when I’m irritated, forgiveness when I’ve screwed up. I think I will begin by praying for help to remember. And I’ll be looking forward to the next life when I will never ever forget God.


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Heaven”

    1. I just reread your holiness post. Yes, I get caught up in the trivial things and lose my focus on Christ. And I wish I could stop it. I guess it’s one of those things that forces us to rely more and more on God. We can’t change ourselves. Only He can.

      And I think your writing is quite eloquent. I always feel the waves of your thinking:)

  1. I really like this post, Amy, because it is so true of us as we struggle to live a holy life. I love your words. Thank you!

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