A Picnic in Stoneleigh Park

A Picnic in Stoneleigh Park, Thomas Baker (1809-1864)
A Picnic in Stoneleigh Park, Thomas Baker (1809-1864)

Today was a picnic day. Big fluffy clouds. Temperatures in the lower 70s. That lazy feeling that says you musn’t exert yourself. Therefore, the children and I went on a picnic in a nearby park. We even went on a nature walk, which was not lazy. I had to keep us all moving or we would have been lifted up and carried off by the mosquitoes. However, once we were home, we still did not exert ourselves much. I did not wash windows or mop the floor. I did not even change the lightbulb that needs changing. We read books together, we played outside, we sat with the purring cat. The children cut pictures out of magazines and made a grand shredded mess. I read several devotions (to make up for days I didn’t read them). I read a chapter or two from the parenting book I have available in the kitchen. I chose not to read recipe books. And just now, I perused online artwork galleries to find a lovely picnic picture to fit my mood today. I had never heard of Thomas Baker, but now I know he was English, and he painted pretty landscapes. I don’t think he was lazy. According to Wikipedia, he was very organized and catalogued his work, which numbered 800+. Well, I’m grateful for people who work hard so others can pursue the occasional do-nothing day.


One thought on “A Picnic in Stoneleigh Park”

  1. I love the description of your picnic day, Amy! It sounds like a glorious day to spend with your children. Mothers need lazy, do little work days with the children sometimes. What happy times and memories for all of you! And to get to enjoy nature together like that along with wonderful books on such a lovely day is extra special!

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