New type of post

I’ve been a little bored with my blog lately. I plan on continuing the short posts about art and literature because it is good for me to keep my nose in those areas of culture. My About page says the third aspect of Revision 3 is looking again at a quiet life. These “talky” posts will be more of that.

I took the kids to Grandma’s house this afternoon and took myself to the Horicon Marsh walking trails. I needed some peace. My oldest child has an argumentative nature. The middle child wants to know the details of every single thing I’m doing. The third child has been having a tough time getting over a bad cold, and she has become clingy. I gain energy from quiet and solitude and lose energy from interacting with people. This walk in the marsh by myself seemed very necessary. I enjoyed the beauty of nature, turning my thoughts toward God’s goodness and being able to trust him. Trust came to mind because halfway down the path I realized I left my cell phone in the car, and the marsh trails are far removed from law enforcement and abductions have occurred on them. God did preserve me. I only met up with one other person, a woman on a walk, like me. And if there had been abductors crouching in the marsh grass, they are now in serious pain from wild parsnip burns. I’ve never seen so much wild parsnip! By the end of my walk, I was hot, sweaty, red in the face, and feeling good. I can’t say I was ready to face the children with a completely unweary attitude, but I do have the memories of that time alone with God and His creation, and I do have that much-needed exercise under my belt, and I might even have the resolve to quit drinking so much Mountain Dew and drink more water instead. We’ll see about that one tomorrow. I’d been using Mountain Dew as an anti-depressant, and it is addicting. Somehow I even got my husband drinking it–he who normally calls it “toilet water.”

The girls are in the bathtub, having way too much fun. I should take off my socks and wade into the bathroom to wash their hair.

I think I will enjoy these new types of posts. I can unwind in words.


6 thoughts on “New type of post”

  1. I love it 🙂 So glad you got some time to yourself. I worry a little too when I’m out walking alone, but I figure my risk from being inactive is probably much worse than any threat from people or wild animals (a somewhat valid concern here in Colorado).

    1. I keep thinking about buying a treadmill so I can walk more frequently, but there’s something in me that shrinks against this “fake” sort of exercise. I’ve never been the person to go to the gym or walk outside with headphones on. The outdoors are for observing and being in! Someday I might give in. I certainly don’t get much outdoor exercise in the winter. And, as you said, there are certain risks.

  2. I like the new “talky” post. I feel I know you a bit better, if only via blog postings. It is truly amazing what a good dose of quietude in nature can do. About a week ago I escaped the whirlwind to walk on one of my favorite trails and visited an American Sycamore that is grandiose, to say the least. It was holy. I nearly cried. Well, actually I did a little. Upon my return home my children had somehow transformed themselves into their own charming selves again.

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