The Tortoise

The tortoise never hurries
And is happily resigned
To being late for dinner
And to being left behind.
The tortoise doesn’t ask for more
If he can do with less–
Perhaps that is the secret
Of the tortoise’s success.

–from “The Tortoise,” The Carnival of the Animals, Music by Camille Saint-Saens, Verses by Jack Prelutsky, Illustrated by Mary GrandPre, 2010

I picked out this Book and CD combo at the library on a whim. It looked fun. It is fun! More than that, it is wise. Prelutsky’s poems about animals show that “birds and beasts and such behave a lot like people do, at times a bit too much” (from the introduction). I couldn’t decide if my favorite was the humble, cautious tortoise or the exquisite, graceful swan. I definitely know some people who are like the rooster and hens. And thankfully, the poem for the wild donkeys was kept short.

The bonus, of course, is the classical music. The three components–music, verse, and illustrations–suit each other well. We first listened to it at bath time, which added a bit of craziness to the mix. That went well with the book, too:)


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