Report on my third book reading

My third book reading was held this morning at Ripon Public Library in a lovely room with old tables, chairs, rocking chairs, lamps, pictures of old Ripon, and a video camera. I was recorded and will be on the local Ripon cable channel at some point in the future. When the librarian asked me if I would like to be recorded, I initially thought, “No way. Not going to happen.” I often have initial reactions like that, and then someone or something changes my mind. In this case it was my husband who changed my mind. When I told him about the cable channel recording (speaking in a rather sarcastic manner because I thought it wouldn’t ever happen) he began to cheer and shout and stomp his feet. He considers himself my marketing expert, and I do vaguely recall him once saying, “If only we could get you on television…” So. I was recorded this morning. It went well, although I had no visitors. The librarian and the video recording man were my audience. They both bought a book!

This was my last planned reading event. I am not opposed to doing future readings, but I am also content to let this be the last one. The grand excitement of being a published author has simmered down to a pleased knowledge of accomplishment. And I also feel the challenge to keep writing. After all, a writer is a person who writes.


4 thoughts on “Report on my third book reading”

  1. That’s so funny about your husband changing your mind πŸ™‚ I would also be reluctant to be videoed but I also think that marketing is part of the game for writers…

    1. It was pretty easy to ignore the camera. But I definitely will not watch myself on the video! No matter what Dean says. If he puts it on, I’m running upstairs to hide. πŸ™‚

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