Sand, Smoke, Current

Upstairs in his room, he listened to the soft murmurs of conversation drifting through the floor vent, the turning of locks, water running in the bathroom. When all was silent except the creaking of the old house, he slipped down the stairs. In the garage, he fished a chrome flashlight from his father’s toolbox and lifted the shovel from its hook. Stars lit the trail and turned the sandpit into a shadowed moonscape. The only sound was the scuff of his rubber soles against the sand.

He knelt at the creek where his father had smoked and trained the flashlight along the dam and over the silvered pond.

— from the title story of Sand, Smoke, Current by Robert Vander Lugt, 2014.

Here’s a brand-new book of short stories worth reading. Inside these stories you’ll find a swirl of weather, nature, memories, lives, and relationships. You’ll visit cemeteries, parades, churches, beaches, to name a few. But mostly, you’ll be introduced to old men and women whose minds are filled with the past, boys with strange and determined ideas, grown men with feet mired in the past, present, and future. See how these people handle everyday life. Hear their thoughts, feel their pain and emptiness, wonder at the turns in their imaginations.

You can learn more about Robert Vander Lugt and his book here.


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