Delta Wedding

All this cold, cold weather has kept the kids and I indoors for the most part, and I’ve been dreaming of a vacation to a warmer place. Seeing as my husband and I aren’t much for vacationing, a book that takes place in the steamy South is my next best alternative. Enjoy this excerpt from one of the most interesting books I read this year, Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty, 1946.

In the Delta the sunsets were reddest light. The sun went down lopsided and wide as a rose on a stem in the west, and the west was a milk-white edge, like the foam of the sea. The sky, the field, the little track, and the bayou, over and over–all that had been bright or dark was now one color. From the warm window sill the endless fields glowed like a hearth in firelight, and Laura, looking out, leaning on her elbows with her head between her hands, felt what an arriver in a land feels–that slow hard pounding in the breast.


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