Report on My First Book Reading

I’m home from my first book reading, held at the Waupun Public Library. I prepared for this quite heavily because I know me. I know my heart is much braver than my brain. Sure enough, I started reading from “Master of Light” and my voice started shaking. I had to slow down, take a couple steadying breaths. My ears flamed red, and then my cheeks burned up. Probably my forehead and neck came next. I had to really give myself a pep talk… “No giving up, Amy. You can’t stop now.” I kept pushing through the sentences, and thankfully everything slowly got better.

After the talk I sold some books, signed my name quite a few times, and a friend took the money for me, which was a blessing because I was far too distracted to do mental math.

My kids came to hear me talk, and my three-year-old kept asking me afterward, “Why did you have to do the sermon?” 🙂 Well, I may not be a preacher, but I’m thanking God right now for getting me through this night. Now I can concentrate on Christmas for awhile!


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