Cats, Franz Marc, c. 1910
Cats, Franz Marc, c. 1910

A friendly cat adopted our family this week. The kids and I are delighted. Watching a cat is so mood-lifting. This Franz Marc painting makes me smile, too, and I believe it’s in the attitude. The marks, the colors, the subject matter, the circular composition–they all work together to create a fun, loving attitude, not just toward cats, but also toward art. I enjoy looking at his paintings in about the same way I enjoy watching our new cat knead her paws on the kitchen rug.


9 thoughts on “Cats”

  1. We were also adopted by a stray cat a little while ago. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family. There is something different about a house with a cat, it makes it feel more cozy or something. I find cats to be so soothing, well the one we have is especially calm which is great for my crazy boys. The painting is lovely 🙂

  2. I found your blog by following a link after you commented on Birth of a Novel. So glad I did. Love the low-key tone of it. We are currently living in a three-cat household. One is ours; the other two belong to our son, who is changing apartments and looking for a landlord who allows pets. At the moment it’s an uneasy truce.

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