Genevieve’s Wooden Figures


They walked into the sitting room. Genevieve had somehow maneuvered through the throng of Israelites, and was lifting a small figurine off a shelf. She turned it over in her hands and glanced at Tom. He moved as close to the shelf as he could get and leaned over, balancing himself on one of the cement hoods. He took the figurine from Genevieve.

“That’s for you, Allie,” Genevieve said, holding onto the shelf.

Tom handed over the figurine, and Allie looked at it, rubbing her thumb along the sanded wood. It was a boy in a robe.

–from “An Abstract Copy of My Heart,” A Flower in the Heart of the Painting by Amy Krohn

Genevieve and Allie are my favorite characters in the book. To find out more about them, pre-order my book today at Wiseblood Books!

(wooden figure pictured is by Kenneth Anthony Krogmeir, American, 20th century)


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