Mark Twain’s Autobiography

An autobiography that leaves out the little things and enumerates only the big ones is no proper picture of the man’s life at all; his life consists of his feelings and his interests, with here and there an incident apparently big or little to hang the feelings on.

— from The Autobiography of Mark Twain

On this quotation, I hang my interest in things Twain–his books, his life, his big moustache and white suit, and probably mostly, his Mississippi River. If you read his autobiography or Life on the Mississippi, I think you will find, hanging amidst humor and anecdotes, his tender spot for beauty and peace on the great Mississippi.


2 thoughts on “Mark Twain’s Autobiography”

  1. Thank you for writing about the “Sam Man”.
    Bad joke there.
    He’s truly an American icon. You have inspired me to read some of his work that I haven’t read in a long time.
    Thanks again.
    Indiana Eddy
    One lucky old man

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